Help a Single Mom with Tornado Recovery

Help a Single Mom with Tornado Recovery
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Help a Single Mom with Tornado Recovery
Emergency fundraiser

A tornado hit Liz Schumacher Stitzel’s farm around 11 PM on Friday, March 30th. The damage is extensive. Here are Liz’s words:

“I am thankful that we weren’t home when our farm was hit so my kids didn’t have to weather the storm or the hit to the back of the house. Help a Single Mom with Tornado Recovery Help a Single Mom with Tornado Recovery

I’m thankful that all the horses are uninjured and alive – nothing short of a miracle. I’m thankful for incredible friends and community that rallied to my place and spent their whole day stabilizing things, caring for horses, and clearing the drive to allow access to the property. I am thankful there is no human loss of life.

I feel overwhelmed and like my home is no longer looking like my home, but I also know God is still in control and will provide. He provided our needs today in all the folks who checked on us and helped with what could be done. I don’t think the full reality has fully hit me… While it could have been better, I’m thankful it was not worse. Me, my kids, and the horses are all ok – the rest can be figured out/repaired in some form over time even if it feels like alot at the moment.”

Right now, the conservative estimate of damages that won’t be covered by insurance is $30k. For this single Mom, that is an overwhelming figure. Any help you can provide, even if it’s just sharing her story, would be greatly, hugely appreciated. Thank you.

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Manor, TX