Replacing Aryana’s Car After a Fire

Replacing Aryana’s Car After a Fire
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Replacing Aryana’s Car After a Fire
Emergency fundraiser

Sorry to ask for your help, but the cops showed up this morning to inform us that our car had been on fire. Unbeknownst to us, the fire department had already come to put out the blaze. The car had not been running since yesterday afternoon and had no known issues, and a lighter appeared to have been tossed under the vehicle. It is also possible that the car was destroyed by some freak electrical fire, but regardless of how it happened, or why, we were very dependent on that vehicle. As a disabled person, it has been essential to my getting around, particularly during COVID. It has also been an essential vehicle for movement work in Chicago. I had eventually planned tor replace it, and hoped to pass it along to another activist, as we did with our last vehicle when we got this one, but it seems that wasn’t meant to be.

We have insurance, but I do not expect a substantial payout, as the car was quite old and not worth much. We had kept it in good shape over the years, knowing that we could not afford to replace it. I also found out that I need another surgery yesterday, so any help replacing the car will be deeply appreciated, as things are rough right now. Any funds that we don’t ultimately need to weather this storm will be donated to Chicago Community Jail Support.

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Organized by Leyla Royer
Chicago, IL